Welcome to Based in Pennsylvania, USA, since 1994, Informatik specialized in graphics software. We offered software for graphics conversions, graphics editing, image viewers, scanning, PDF, document imaging, and deed mapping. The company is closed since May 2023.

TiffDLL200 Tiff Toolkit - Commandline, C#, VB

Convert and edit multipage Tiff and other graphics files

Overview of TiffDLL200 Tiff Toolkit

Informatik TiffDLL200 DLL and command-line are development and utility tools for graphics conversions and transformation, change of TIFF compressions, resolutions, image and canvas size, rotation, flip, multipage options, split multi-page TIFF files into single page files, combine single page graphics files into a multipage TIFF file, image properties, text annotation, Bates stamping, image merge, watermarks, margin cleanup, byte-parity, and much more. TiffDLL200 is the ideal tool for manipulating multi-page Tiff files. Easy to use and versatile.

TiffDLL200 includes both the DLL version for Microsoft Visual Studio and a separate command-line version.

Informatik TiffDLL200 is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier operating systems.

Highlights of TiffDLL200 Tiff Toolkit

  • Convert virtually any raster file formats (TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG
  • Support for single-page and multi-page Tiff files, open and save.
  • TIFF CCITT4, CCITT3, black and monochrome LZW formats.
  • Deskew.
  • Text annotations, Bates stamping, at six fixed locations or x-y specified locations, any font, any color, any orientation.
  • Watermarks of several styles.
  • Image Insert: any location, size, transparency, orientation
  • Resize image specified in Inches, centimeters or pixels.
  • Options for parity.
  • Resize canvas, with options to align the original image eight ways, with color options for the mat.
  • Change resolutions with optional re-sampling.
  • Change color depth of images.
  • Shift, move the image inside the canvas in any direction.
  • Cropping.
  • Margin clean-up. Any of the four borders can be whitewashed (for example to clear scanning borders, punch holes.
  • Redaction. Default is black, but other colors can be specified, including white color for hiding text.
  • Highlighting with options for colors and transparency.
  • Rotations, including conditional rotation.
  • Flipping of image. Mirror images.
  • Inverting (negative colors).
  • Color flooding for monochrome images. Floods contiguous black border areas with white color (black borders from scanning).
  • Split, serialization of multi-page Tiff files with options for separator character and zero-fills.
  • Merge, combine files into multi-page Tiff files.
  • Option to post errors to error log.
  • Highest quality dithering.
  • Support for JPEG compressed Tiff as input, but NOT output.
  • DLL and command-line versions. Command-line returns exit code.
  • All .NET code, no third-party tools.
  • Strong Name version is also available.
  • Small foot print; less than 300k.
  • Runs on 32-bit and 64-bit processors.
  • Royalty-free license available.

For more detailed information about the software, please download the product's User Guide .

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