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Welcome to Informatik Inc.

Welcome to Informatik Inc. Based in Pennsylvania, USA, since 1994, Informatik Inc has specialized in graphics software. We offer software for graphics conversions, graphics editing, image viewers, scanning, PDF, document imaging, and deed mapping.

Informatik Mapdraw

We no longer sell the program. The last issued version is 9.13.12 (2018). For a limited period, we can make the Mapdraw program available as Freeware. It comes without technical or user support, but is subject to its normal warranties and conditions. If you are interested in a free license, contact us and confirm that you will not require any support, and we will email you the license unlock code. You can download the trial version from

Unless there are issues with the Windows operating system or drivers, the programs should run for years to come.

For licensed users:

If you need to re-install Mapdraw, or move it to another computer, simply run the original install file (.msi extension) on the target computer. Once installed, enter the original 24-character license unlock code in the Help menu.

If you cannot find the original install file, download and install the latest version ( Before you delete the old program, make sure that you make a full backup. If you cannot find the license code or the code is not recognized, contact us and we may be able to find it in our records, or can create a new code. (except for very old programs).

User or technical support is no longer provided, except for licenses purchased after December 31, 2021.

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