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Welcome to Informatik Inc. Based in Pennsylvania, USA, since 1994, Informatik Inc has specialized in graphics software. We offer software for graphics conversions, graphics editing, image viewers, scanning, PDF, document imaging, and deed mapping.

Informatik image driver option, Tiff driver

Do you need a program that can convert any printable document to a Tiff file (single page or multi-page), or to other graphics formats like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PDF? There are many Printer Driver programs on the market. And there is a simple alternative.

Informatik Image Viewer can convert any printable document to a graphics file, generally TIFF (multi-page or single page), but also other formats. It is an indirect method, but it has its advantages. Informatik Image Viewer has many other features, like extensive markup and edit, optical character recognition (OCR), and more.

The method of converting documents is as follows:

  • Open the file in the file's native application, for example, open Word documents in Microsoft Word. Open PDF files in Adobe Viewer.

  • Select the Print option and choose 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' as the printer. Click Print.

  • In the 'File name' field, type the output file name. The file name MUST be with the .xps extension (not .oxps). Click 'Save'. The system now does the conversion.

  • When the 'print' process is completed, open the .xps file in the Informatik Image Viewer. In the dropdown list next to the Filename text box, select 'XPS as Tiff' (monochrome of color). Click 'Open'.

  • The file now opens as a Tiff. The conversion is complete, and a same-name Tiff file has been created. If you need a different graphics format, open the Tiff file and re-save.

  • Note: For PDF output, select the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ instead of 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'.

    The step-by-step instructions are also shown in the Informatik Image Viewer's 'Other' menu.

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