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September 5, 2013 at 8:00 pm #2696


The WP 3.6 update causes problems with Automotiv, with the homepage slideshow, and some other things.

To fix, edit functions.php, and find this code near the top:

wp_register_script('jquery', ("http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.4/jquery.min.js"), false, '1.3.2');

and change it to this:

wp_register_script('jquery', "http" . ($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] == 443 ? "s" : "") . "://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.min.js", false, null);

February 11, 2014 at 3:48 am #2898


Anti-pneumococcal leucyl-tRNA synthetase small molecule inhibitors
An anti-pneumococcal leucyl-tRNA synthetase (LeuRS) of novel small molecule inhibitors -6 – (1 – phen-1 – hydroxymethyl) -1,3 – dihydro-1 – hydroxy-2, 1 – benzo borane (Code ZCL039), to clarify its mechanism of action, and initially revealed the benzo ring of boron compounds in anti-microbial infection drug development potential applications. hbvdsvbds
Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major pathogen of bacterial pneumonia, caused a worldwide high morbidity and mortality, each year about 2 million children die of pneumococcal infections, so it is also known as Children of the “number one killer.” In recent years, along with multi-drug resistant clinical pneumococcal universal spread of the disease, treatment is also under serious threat, so the new anti-pneumococcal drug development made an urgent need. Leucyl-tRNA synthetase is an ideal target for new antibiotics in the cell plays an important role in the process of translation. With 5 – fluoro-1 ,3 – dihydro-1 – hydroxy-2, one – benzo borane (code AN2690), represented by the benzo ring antifungals boron targeting LeuRS is a successful example. These compounds act on leucyl-tRNA synthetase editing and proofreading domain and play inhibition. Unfortunately, AN2690 also inhibits human sources g-csf elisa kit, for external use only. Existing structural biology studies have shown that eukaryotic and bacterial origin leucyl-tRNA synthetase in editing and proofreading domain there are some differences, such as in LeuRS targeting specificity provides the basis for the development of antibiotics.
In this research work, Professor Zhou Huchen as a precursor to AN2690, homologous bacterial LeuRS structure, based on designed and synthesized a series of derivatives. En Hu Qinghua more research groups and by Dr. Liu Rujuan pneumococcal leucyl-tRNA synthetase activity measurement system detects the activity of these compounds, found that compounds having a strong inhibitory activity ZCL039. Further comparison ZCL039 E. coli, such as human cytoplasm and different species of human mitochondrial activity LeuRS sources showed that ZCL039 prokaryotic species with good selectivity. Experimental results show antibacterial, ZCL039 could significantly inhibit the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae, ampicillin its activity was 1/80. With biochemistry, enzyme inhibition kinetics and X-diffraction structural biology and other means, and further reveal the ZCL039 anti-competitive inhibition of the mechanism, which tRNALeu ZCL039 with the 3 end of the covalent binding, the redaction to form a stable domain adduct, thereby blocking the tRNA aminoacylation reaction inhibited protein translation next. To illustrate ZCL039 species selectivity, which they fit into the eukaryotic and archaeal domain of LeuRS redaction found some of these species-specific insertion I4ae spiral space coincided with ZCL039 collision occurred, which will ZCL039 excluded from outside the binding pocket.
This study reveals leucyl-tRNA synthetase pneumococcal infections in the treatment of potential applications for the lead compound in ZCL039 as anti-pneumococcal drug design and optimization provides a structural basis.

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